Mrs. Fullerton

Hello! Welcome to our classroom community whether you are a student, parent, grandparent or sibling! The 2017/2018 school year is my 33nd year of teaching! Wow..time flies when you are having fun and raising a family. My husband, a huge help, is a Boeing engineer. Our oldest daughter, Julia, is a graduate of WWU and our youngest daughter, Emma, is a junior at Montana State University (Mr. Miller's alma mater). We also have a cat named Lilla (you'll find out soon enough I am really, really not a cat fan at all....but I was overruled! 

Our family passions involve gardening, camping, visiting national and state parks, traveling, and lots and lots of volunteerism. We all love to read and truly love math and science! Another passion of ours is social justice and treating people humanely. If you are in this classroom, you'll have tons of opportunities to engage in service work in our school and community. I also expect my students to grasp leadership opportunities when they arise AND also create the opportunities. I really work hard to ensure a balance educational experience for students where they grow academically, socially and emotionally while giving back to the world. Welcome!

Phone: 425.408.5171