Info to Borrow or Purchase a Recorder (3rd and 4th Grade Music)

Info to Borrow or Purchase a Recorder (3rd and 4th Grade Music)

Dear Parents,

This year, students in Grade 3 and 4 will be learning to play the recorder in music class.  (Recorders are wind musical instruments and sound flute-like.) Some students may
already have their own recorder from last year. They will be asked to bring it to school on music days.

If a student does now own a recorder, here are two ways to secure one:

1. Moorlands Recorder Check-out Option: Moorlands has recorders for students to borrow and check out from December - June, 2023. If you would like for your child to borrow a Moorlands recorder this year, we’ve created a check form. Here is the link to check out a recorder for the year. (

2. Recorder Purchase Option: Moorlands is working with a local company, Mad Robin Music, who created a Moorlands web page on the Mad Robin site for Moorlands families to purchase
their own recorder. The recorders are high-quality and cost $8.50, including tax and will be shipped to Moorlands and distributed directly to the students in music class. They are available in four colors: white, green, pink and blue. Students in Grades 4 - 5 will continue playing recorder this year. If you would like your child to own their own recorder, simply go to the web page link below and fill out the order form.

Thank you for your support of your child’s musical development and the music program at Moorlands Elementary!

Kelly Griffin and Collin Sarchin
Moorlands Music Specialists Grades 3-4
425-408-5109 (Questions? Contact or your child’s music teacher)