Mustang Memo - 10/7/22

Happy Friday Mustangs~

This week we wanted to remind you of a few safety things:

  1. When dropping off and picking up your student please use the entrance to the church parking lot off of 155th.  DO NOT enter the exit as this is not safe.  When turning into the entrance remember there is NO LEFT TURN and you must turn right into the parking lot.  
  2. Drop off and pick up are only in the church parking lot.  Please do not drop off or pick up students in the gravel parking lot off of 81st.  This lot is used strictly for Daycare Vans.  

Please click on the map to see a visual.  

This year’s fall festivities are coming soon!  A reminder that Moorlands will continue to be a costume-free school.  We want to be inclusive of all families including those families who don't celebrate Halloween or find purchasing a costume a hardship.  We want all students and families to feel connected and a part of our Moorlands' community. Striking a balance between enjoying the best parts of elementary school and taking into consideration the needs of all students at school is tricky.  Hopefully, we can continue to work in collaboration to make Moorlands Elementary a great experience for all.  This year our wonderful PTA has planned a Fall Festival to be held at Moorlands Elementary in the gym, library, and courtyard.  This event will be held on October 22nd and families are welcome to wear costumes.  When choosing a costume please be mindful of cultural appropriation and how it perpetuates inaccurate stereotypes.  When these inaccurate stereotypes are perpetuated, they create offensive, hostile, and uncomfortable conditions for our diverse communities.  Here is an article explaining cultural appropriation and tips for Halloween costumes.  

Until next week, 
Meghan Griffin, Principal (
LaTisha Joseph, Assistant Principal (

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