Moorlands Principal, Talena Graff
Talena Graff

Welcome, Moorlands Mustangs!  My name is Talena Graff and I am the proud principal of this amazing school community.  For those of you that I don't know yet, I have worked in the Northshore School District since 2006, at Moorlands since 2014.  Most of my NSD experience was at Lockwood Elementary as a teacher, then a year at Frank Love, and finally Moorlands. Prior to working for Northshore, I lived in Atlanta, Georgia where I taught 1st-4th grade at Harriet Tubman Elementary and worked as a social worker for the Department of Family and Children Services.  My time as a social worker was brief, a little less than three years, but it was one of those experiences that guided the direction of my life.  I knew I wanted to impact kids even more than I was. I became clear on my core values, and I decided then that I would spend my career in education with a focus on social justice and teaching the whole child. I came back to Washington, where I was raised (Go Huskies!), have 2 fabulous kids, and do this work with the lens of a Northshore administrator, parent, and community member. 

 My greatest learning from my experiences has been that this work cannot be done alone. I am a listener, an open communicator, and a collaborator.  I am proud of the work we do at Moorlands and in Northshore and continue to seek improvement and growth opportunities.  Thank you for your trust and for partnering with me in this imperative work.
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Dean of Students

Moorlands Dean of Students, Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson

My name is Nancy Johnson and I am the Dean of Students at Moorlands Elementary.  I received my degree in special education from Vanderbilt University and spent eight years teaching special education in different grades.  I moved to general education for seven years while keeping my focus on inclusion for all students.  We moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2016 where I taught special education and general education for a few years here at Moorlands Elementary.   I am finishing up my Masters in Educational Leadership this semester and will be doing my Administrative Internship as well. 

My husband and I have five children with only one left at home who is a senior at Lake Washington High School.  The others are scattered in colleges from Washington to Tennessee, with only one being done and working full time in Montana.  We love anything outdoors and always ask ourselves what took so long to move to this wonderful part of the country!

I look forward to working with all of you and getting to know your children.  Please feel free to contact me at or 425-408-5100. 

Office Staff

Office Manager
Jackie Eggers

Office Secretary
Patty Roberts

Health Room
Anne Caswell

Part-Time Secretary
Christine Hammers