Welcome to the Music Program at Moorlands Elementary!  Allowing for music to become a part of everyone’s lives makes school FUN, HAPPY, and UNIFIED.

Mrs. Griffin and Ms. Aplin are Kodaly trained and inspired. The voice is our first instrument and we learn to use it well. We add percussion instruments, recorders (both soprano and alto) ukuleles, xylophones, folk dance, and singing games to round out our instruction.

“It is not worth singing for ourselves; it is nicer if two people sing together. Then more people; hundreds, thousands, until the huge Harmony can be heard, in which we can all be just one, indeed. Then will we be able to say: “May the world be happy.” Zoltan Kodaly

“Music is nourishment, and a comforting elixir. Music multiplies the beauty of life and all it’s values.” Zoltan Kodaly

Researchers found that after two years, children who not only had regularly attended music classes, but also actively participated in class, showed larger improvements in how the brain processes speech and reading scores than their less-involved peers. Strait, D.L. and N. Kraus Hearing Research, from the Journal of Neuroscience, September 3, 2014.


Moorlands School Song

This world is big and I am small, sometimes I feel alone;
But I see the friends I have around me, this place is my home.
Diversity with unity, we are all proud
Of who we are, what we can be, let's sing it out loud:

I celebrate this place and I'm singing this song for the whole human race.
We are part of this world every woman and man, every boy, every girl;
And we will stand as one.

Sometimes it's hard, sometimes I'm scared, but inside I know
Everyone here cares about me and helps me to grow;
With pride in our community with love in our hearts,
Peace and Joy in every land, with me it starts.


Moorlands is where I learn, Moorlands is where I play,
Moorlands is where I'm finding my way.
We are the Mustangs, we are kind; we are respectful all the time
Making new friends each and every day.


And we will stand, yes we will stand, yes we___ will stand ___ as one.

Music Teachers

Picture of music teacher Mrs. Griffin

Kelly Griffin

Picture of music teacher Mrs. Aplin

Liz Aplin

Picture of music teacher Mrs. Yang

Huiling Liu